“The Great Harvest”

April 12-13, 2019

Speaker: Dr. Rev. Arnetta McNeese Bailey

Worship Leader: Lorie Daugherty

Clarion North Hotel and Conference Center, Lexington, KY


Kentucky CWC Connection Retreat 


October 18-19, 2019

Four Seasons Youth Center



Connection Days


·East KY Connection Day

 Lowmansville, KY Campgrounds 

 June 22, 2019 @ 12pm – 2pm


·West KY Connection Day August 24, 2019, @10:30 am

 Paducah, Oaks FCOG


Prayer Retreats


·Pike County Prayer Retreat

 August 08 2019 @ 6 pm, Breaks Interstate Park


·Northern Kentucky Prayer Retreat 

 August 13, 2019, New Heart FCOG, Ft. Wright, KY


·South Central District Prayer


 August 16, 2019, Danville FCOG


· Ashland Area Prayer Retreat

 September 12, 2019, Wildwood         


I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunities you have given me to serve another year in His Kingdom.  You all are amazing women for God and I am proud and honored to be associated with you.  Your friendships and sisterhood have enriched my life.  Thank you for a good year together serving the Savior.


Patsy Daugherty


At last count, we have 551 members registered for 2018-2019.  This represents 30 local CWC ministries.  I, personally, have worshiped with nearly 300 of you in various meetings and gatherings across Kentucky and have traveled over 4,000 miles in 2018.


The total amount you gave for the 2017-2018 state project was $4,282.00 donated to Cumberland Mountain Outreach.  Kentucky CWC Christ Birthday Offering for 2017 reported in 2018 was approximately $62,000 and was donated from 41 churches in Kentucky.   147 dresses are the final count of dresses that went to Uganda from Kentucky.  These are just a few of the works you have done that we can count.  You do so much more.


KYCWC ministries and members adopt a child in the Children of Promise and are faithful to that child to adulthood, you purchase, package and send personal supplies and food to people less fortunate, you provide Christmas gifts to children in need, blankets and clothing to the homeless, supplies to homes protecting abused women and children, food and sometimes shelter to women who are trying to escape ‘trafficking’ or sexual enslavement.  You visit nursing homes, care for the veterans, show Christ’s love to young girls who have made so many poor life choices. Your tasks are endless and at the end of the year you have given everything and at the beginning of the year, you start over.  Your work is endless and your talents are varied but all of you serve with kindness in your hearts that resembles a thirst for more of Christ.  


Thank you for being who you are, Christian Women who are Connected to Christ and each other, empowered for service in His Kingdom.  


You are loved and appreciated.  Many blessings, a prosperous and happy new year to each of you.


Patsy Daugherty

President, KYCWC

January 2019

Outlook 2019


April 12 – 13, 2019

Clarion North, Lexington, KY

1950 Newtown Pike

Room Reservations: 859-233-0512

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